Causes Of The Asthma Disease

Asthma is a chronic disease and the exact cause of asthma is not yet found, although the number of asthma rises every year. But genetic factors, the surrounding environment, and the lack of proper nutrition in the diet and the lack of proper diet can be attributed to asthma.

Genetic factors

Genetically asthma infection or genes of asthma can not be traced to any of the genes. But asthma is a genetically infectious disease that can infect the entire family. Those who have genetically inherited asthma may be more likely to have asthma on their sensitivity to other animals as well as dust dirt.

Other allergies

Most people with asthma have allergies, such as ‘allergic rhinitis’ or other diseases such as ‘skin allergies’. Allergies are sensitive to the body.

Weather factors

According to the hygiene hypothesis, exposure to bacteria, but in infants (in children who grow in clean environments), the immune system becomes stronger. But those who grow in weather conditions such as dust and dirt have reduced the immune system levels and allergies and asthma. On top of the bed in the house, carpets and pillows are susceptible to a variety of infections due to the presence of asthma, and the asthma levels are likely to intensify.

Drinking smoke

Smaller children are likely to suffer from asthma due to exposure to cigarette smoke or a small increase in cigarette smoke. The symptoms associated with this asthma are exposed to exposure.

Changes in food

Changes in diet, such as eating, day changes in diet, eating foods high in salt in the food, taking the diet is low in anti aksidentlu (vegetables, fruits intake) and low consumption of fresh fish (omega-3 fatty asidlanu eating less) and as such, There is a possibility of asthma. This type of food is high in most developing countries, and they are not only asthma but also reach tar.

Due to fewer exercises

Who will spend much time before TV, they do less exercises. This does not cause lungs to strain, the respiratory tube is sensitive, and the possibility of being diagnosed quickly by the smallest factor.

Professional response

It is possible that asthma may work due to the fact that they will be exposed to diseases that they do at work, for example – working closely with chemicals, dust, other winds, and pollen grains. The industry is particularly vulnerable to baking, car painting, woodworking work, chemical industries and asthma.

Asthma can stimulate the respiratory tract, causing the immune system to decrease and exposure to small rays is susceptible to the disease.



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