The Factors That Increase Asthma Are In The Air Around It

Special reasons for asthma growth can not be said. Experts say that allergic asthma increases due to various factors and some types of precautions can be avoided when exposed to asthma. Experts do not disclose the reasons for this allergic asthma, but the reasons for all are not the same. Especially in the respiratory tract, the mucous filling is caused by the closure of respiratory tube or the pumps inflammation, or the possibility that allergic asthma may increase or increase.

Here are the reasons for growing Asthma.

Dust particles

Among those with allergic asthma, the main cause of the disease is the dust particles in the air. Because 80% of allergic asthma levels have been caused by airborne particles, grasses, trees, cockroaches and dust particles, allergenic factors have been increased. Asthma symptoms may be intensified when the person with asthma is usually exposed to dust and dirt.

Food Allergy

Some types of foods have asthma symptomatic symptoms. Food Allergy is a very dangerous and sometimes inadequate emergency or severe treatments that can not contain asthma. Allergic asthma can also be increased by food, such as egg, soy, cow’s milk, salads, fresh fruits, pea nuts, prawns and shellfish. Due to certain types of foods stored in asthma, the disease is likely to intensify the disease.

Smoke that increases asthma

Asthma caused by the smoke is sporadically excessive. Pregnant women are likely to be born with infant health problems and respiratory problems that are caused by cigarette smoking. The only way to avoid asthma is to avoid smoker or cigarettes.

Heart burn and asthma

Acute heartburn is known as “gastroeosophageal reflux disease”, which increases asthma. Generally this kind of heart burns occur most during night time. Valves between the esophagus and digestive tissue discharge due to the intense burning of the heart. These valves block the acids that are released in the digestive tract in a healthy person from the esophagus. But the burning in the heart can cause disruption of the valves, causing acids to pass through the esophagus, into the throat and cause frustration and inflammation, causing asthma.

Exercises increase asthma

Are you hurt by exercises? This may be true among people with asthma. Asthma may increase because the person with asthma has been exacerbated. Exercises can be difficult to cope with breathing difficulties in individuals with asthma, which can cause difficulty breathing, which can cause severe cough for 5 to 8 minutes while exercising, especially when aerobic. This kind of difficulties will last for 20 to 30 minutes after exercise. Those who have asthma should be very careful about exercises.

So asthma patients are very good at avoiding the causes and causes of asthma levels. Sometimes asthma can cause a lot of reasons, so it’s best to keep emergency medicines with you.

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