Factors And Treatments That Cause Asthma In Children

  • In the initial stage, allergic rhinitis can be treated without asthma.
  • Hypersensitive noses are more reaction to dust and dirt than normal.
  • Doctors advise that inhaler does not have any side effects.
  • Cold water, cold drinks, ice-cream and perfumes can not be used.

Everyone has a cold at some point. This problem is more in small children. The fact that the cold is due to the cause is very important. Because ignorance of the allergic reaction can lead to asthma. That is why doctors do not neglect the colds in small children.

Small children have problems with colds and allergies. Sinus, throat and lung allergies usually occur in children. This issue is even more so in winter. However, many people feel that the cold weather is cold because of allergies. It’s a lie. During the winter, pollution in the atmosphere will last for a long time. The environment contains pollen grains. During this period, walnut goods are used more frequently. Naturally viral infections are high when densely populated. These are more prevalent in this period. For these reasons, allergies and asthma complications occur in winter.

Allergies and small children suffering from asthma do not get proper healing. Many people use nebulizers and antibiotics. It is possible that the problem of asthma is going to increase as the age increases and the disease increases. In fact, asthma continues to harass life. Complete treatment of allergy problem can not be changed as soon as possible at an early age. Doctors have doubts that they are asthmatic.

Allergic rhinitis

It also contains allergy and dry cough in the throat. Sounds from the eyes, the sounds from the ears, and the salivation of the saliva are high. Those who have allergic rhinitis need asthma check up. In the initial stage, allergic rhinitis can be treated without asthma.

Main features

The common cold is reduced to three to four days. But the cold of allergies is less than ten days. If the nose is yellow or green, it should be thought of as a result of infection. In addition, the fluid is white when it is allergic. In addition to those who are allergic, the thorns are high. In the throat also contains allergy and dry cough. It can be confirmed that the cough and the cold are allergic. The sounds from the eyes, the sounds from the mouth, the mouths of the saliva, the fatigue and the nose closure.

Acoustic X-rays can detect sinusitis intensity. With this test we can not know about allergic rhinitis. Hypersensitive noses are more reaction to dust and dirt than normal. This problem is called allergic rhinitis. It looks normal on the x-ray. That is why the Allergic Profile Test is a blood test.

Inhaler character is crucial

When colds, the children are taken to the doctor and give the tablets. This causes colds temporarily. It starts again sometime later. That’s why doctors always treat the symptoms as well. The symptom is getting infected within the treatment of symptoms. In addition, the symptom of the disease will gradually decrease symptoms. Now good drugs are available to reduce allergic rhinitis. In the initial phase, they suggest that drugs can be preserved without asthma. Inhaler should be used when asthma symptoms. Nebulizer should be used as a child within a year. The drug used in inhaler is nebulizer. Inhaler, which reduces the inhaler along with the inhaler to reduce symptoms.

This is called Preventive Inhaler. Inhaler causes the drug directly to the lungs. But the inhaler has side effects. Some people think that kids can not grow up and read correctly. But all of them are misleading. Inhaler does not have any side effects.


Cold water, colddracks, ice-cream, etc. Perfumes, Muskito repellents can not be used at home. Wear clothing, dogs and cats make sure that they do not go home. Only cotton dresses should be used. No one can smoke at home. Cleanliness should follow. If these precautions take place, Asthma can protect against it.

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