Medicinal Benefits Of Mint

Usually you use peppermint to make chutney, jaljira, but do you know how many medicinal properties of mint leaves are. Tell you that peppermint is used to make many antibiotics. Let us now tell you how you can use your mint to benefit your body.

Protects from Hot summer :

It is often done in the summer season that our grouse starts, in such a way, by mixing cardamom powder in dried mint leaves, you should consume it in the morning and evening. This will give you quick breathing and you will not be a victim of chronic disease.

Protects cough and cold  :

If you are also waking up with cold and cold for a long time, then in this way you will get black pepper and black salt in the juice of mint, after which boil these three things and eat it, both of them will be cold and cold. Will be done.

Relief from stomach problems :

If you have gas, constipation or indigestion in your stomach, then you can consume it by grinding the leaves of mint, and this will solve all the problems related to your stomach. Whenever there is such a problem in your stomach the next time, do not forget that you have green leaves of mint to treat this problem.

Best Practices During Delivery :

If the woman is given a juice of mint at the time of delivery, then there is no problem during childbirth and it is easily delivered. Not only this, by eating it you both mother and child are healthy. Yes, once you also consume it, and then the benefit from it is very beneficial for you.

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